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Components of mine workings steel support

FUNCTION: It is designed for the support of surrounding rock along the entire perimeter of coal mine workings, fixed by frame, roof and combined bolting.

Low-carbon rod of a diameter from 4,0 mm to 6,5 mm is used in the production according to the State Standard (GOST) 3282-74 or rod iron under the State Standard of Ukraine (DSTU) 2770-94 (GOST 30136-95) or according to other effective codes and standards. Nominal size of mesh along axis of rods is not more than: 120 х 70 mm; 120 х 58,5 mm; 100 х 60 m; for tie bars ЗМР1.

At the request of the customer change of mesh size is acceptable subject to compliance with specifications of parameter "load bearing capacity".

Scheme of mine grid use

It is an innovative and cost-effective, used in a wide range of mining conditions.


It improves mining operations safety as it resists blasting operations better than other boltings. Capability of full erection mechanization, less materials consumption and delivery costs. In comparison with frame support enables to reduce working section by 18-25% and its aerodynamic resistance.

Roof bolting

The bolting is used in coal mining industry for the fastening of horizontal and inclined workings of a various duration and function.

Arch support lock

The lock is meant for the use as part of steel frame support in mine workings.

А) Arch support lock (М16 (27), М16 (33), М24 (27), М24 (33)

B) Strengthened lock ASL and ASLl (For SVP 22. For SVP 27, For SVP 33)