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Fire pipe column filter FPCF-150 (ФПС-150)

Fire pipe column filter FPCF-150 (ФПС-150) is used for solids removal from mine waters, which may break down gate valves, pressure-reducing valves, check valves and other hydraulics. Installation of such filter, used for mechanical impurities removal, significantly extends the service life of hydraulics and reduces operation failures.

This design enables the customer to choose the necessary configuration and number of intermediate sections for the operating fluid filtration to the required purity.

The filter is completed with sludge container of a desired length from 0,5 m to 3 m. Number of filter sections in the set can be as many as necessary.

The product is completed with automatic signaling on the necessity to clean contamination.

Design of the filter section allows to install filtering elements with different filtration capacity (0,2; 0,1; 0,05 mm etc.). Filtration capacity is determined by the customer.

First washing of section should be made after 48 hours.

Fire pipe column filter


Nominal diameter, mm

Nd 150

Nominal pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2)

6,3 (63)

Operating fluid

clarified mine water

Hydrogen value, рН

5,5 - 8

Filtration capacity, mm

from 0,2 to 0,05

Dimensions, mm, up to

420 × 980 × 420

Weight, kg, up to