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Rolled-type and welded-type conveyer rollers

Rollers are meant for the support of belt branch lines in belt-type conveyers. Rollers and roller carriages are installed on conveyer structure elements suitable for adjustment of their position in a horizontal plane with respect to normal to axial axis of the structure. Our rollers are used for conveyers, operated under severe conditions in ore and coal mines, including in mines prone to methane and coal dust outburst, for opencast workings and washhouses, fuel supply of thermal power plants and coking plants, objects of iron and steel enterprises.


>Conveyer rollers

Our enterprise developed roller festoons RL 100, RWL80, RWL100, RWL120 and other standard sizes. Rollers on festoon roller carriages can be both smooth and cushion.

Roller festoon is a suspended roller carriage, designed for the installation on suspension cable conveyers when handling hand-filled cargo. Such roller carriages have greater advantages over rigid ones: if the value of turning torque, received by bearing assembly in response to external load within the range 1,0...4,0 kN, for the rigid idler is 7...35 Nm, for the roller with flexible element (festoon) - only 0,2...1,2 Nm.

It considerably extends the bearing life. Flexible elements reduce dynamic loads on belt approximately by half, enabling to increase the belt speed (Ул) by 1,4-1,5 times. The festoon is produced with a different number of rollers (2-, 3-roller) and incline angle according to the customer’s request. Design of the festoon enables to reduce dynamic loads, belt aligning, it is easy to handle during installation and dismantling works. It is widely used on coal mining industry.

Roller carriage drawing